Our aim is for you to leave with the best quality frame and lenses available within your budget.

We use lenses from Seiko, Essilor, and Zeiss as well as smaller companies.

We are proud to be SEIKO specialists, ensuring the quality of a global brand. SEIKO are always at the forefront of new developments. Consequently we can offer you the latest technology available in spectacle lens design.

Our Dispensing Optician will advise on all aspects of frames and lenses and then oversee the fitting when you collect your specs.


Transition lenses

Lenses change colour going darker in the light and clear indoors offering you optimum comfort and protection in any light conditions.


Computer and Indoor lenses

Are reading glasses a thing of the past?

More of us are using computers/laptops and want to see a bit further away than when we read. Consider computer lenses to enhance your vision at near and arm’s length.

Indoor lenses provide a wide range of clear vision for reading, computer and also glancing across the room.


Thinner, lighter lenses

Improve comfort and cosmetic appearance.


Tinted lenses

To reduce glare for additional comfort.

Tinted lenses can be used for more than sun protection. They can be contrast enhancing in low light conditions or purely a fashion statement.


Varifocal lenses

With a wide range of varifocal designs to choose from, our Dispensing Optician will be sure to offer you a lens to best suit your lifestyle and everyday needs.



Hard coatings are available on all lenses to help minimise scratches.

Combine a hard coat and a multi anti-reflective coating to ensure more comfortable vision when using a computer, driving (especially at night) and in low light conditions.


As an additional service we offer remote edging glazing which means we may not need to send your frame to the laboratory for glazing

If you have any queries regarding lenses please call in and see us. We will be more than happy to explain in more detail.