Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are very advanced nowadays and are suitable for almost everybody – even if you have astigmatism or other factors that used to rule out contact lens wearing.

If you are considering contact lenses, why not get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs and options? We can provide advice and a free trial so you can try out the most suitable lenses.

At the contact lens fitting we will discuss your requirements and examine your eyes, taking measurements of the shape and curvature to ensure we advise the correct lens for you.  You will need a current sight test prescription.

We will show you how to put the lens on your eye and how to remove it together with details of lens hygiene and care.

You will receive some free trial lenses and information to take home and an appointment will be made for you to see us wearing the lenses so that comfort and fit can be assessed.

Once you and Mr O’Leary are happy with the outcome we can supply the lenses.


Contact Lens Appointments

If you wear contact lenses it is important for you to have at least an annual check-up so that we can review the health of your eyes and your current lens suitability. We will keep you up to date with the latest lens developments.

When you come for your check-up

  • Wear your contact lenses
  • Bring your lens case and your spectacles.
  • If you are new to us bring your lens packaging or your contact lens prescription